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Witch Hazel No Sebum Sun Shield - 40ml

Non sticky and non oily formula, triple functionality with anti-wrinkle, whitening and high UV protection. Witch Hazel No Sebum Sun Shield - 40ml Water leaves your skin hydrated without exess sebum. Perfect for daily use, goes very good under make-up, and has no white cast. Perfect for all skin types. Perfect for sensitive skin also.
KD 9.500

Bergasol Spray SPF50+ - 125ml

Bergasol Spray SPF50+ is a sun protection spray that offers high-level protection against harmful UV rays. With a sun protection factor (SPF) of 50+, it helps prevent sunburn and provides effective shielding for the skin. The spray format allows for easy and even application, making it convenient for use on both the body and face. Bergasol is known for its commitment to sun care, and this SPF50+ spray is designed to keep your skin protected during sun exposure.
KD 14.300