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Naipo Shiatsu Back Massager With Heat

The back massager may be programmed to target the entire back, the upper back, or the lower back, relaxing tense muscles and providing a deep kneading massage experience. The massage nodes rotate to provide a firm yet vigorous massage, replicating a masseuse's real massage hands to deliver appropriate pressure. Choose from three degrees of relaxing and rhythmical vibration of the seat cushion for increased comfort. The surface of the massage nodes can be heated to approximately 104°F, which is effective in relieving muscle tiredness and stiffness.
KD 25.500

Naipo Neck And Back Massager

Neck & Shoulder Massage adjusts to your ideal height, reverses direction, and allows you to choose between a traveling massage spot massage and a full-body massage. Three Massage Zones allow you to massage your upper or lower back or your complete back. Soothing heat relieves tension in the neck, back, and seat. Most chairs are compatible with the integrated strapping system.
KD 49.900

Naipo Memory Foam Travel Rest Pillow

The Naipo Memory Foam Travel Rest Pillow is a comfortable and supportive travel accessory designed to provide neck and head support during your journeys. The pillow is made with high-quality memory foam, a material known for its ability to contour to the shape of your neck and head. This ensures personalized support and comfort during use. The pillow is designed to follow the natural curve of your neck and shoulders, providing optimal support to prevent stiffness and discomfort during travel. Its ergonomic design aims to maintain proper alignment of the spine.
KD 5.500

Naipo Air Compression Massager

The Naipo Air Compression Massager is an advanced and versatile massaging device designed to provide relaxation and relief to various parts of the body. It utilizes air compression technology to deliver gentle and rhythmic pressure to specific areas, promoting circulation and muscle relaxation.
KD 23.900

Naipo 2 In 1 Foot and Back Massager With Heat Shiatsu

The Naipo 2 in 1 Foot and Back Massager with Heat Shiatsu is a versatile and user-friendly device designed for comprehensive relaxation. Equipped with Shiatsu massage nodes, adjustable intensity levels, and heat therapy, it offers a customizable experience to target specific acupressure points on both the feet and back. The massager's ergonomic design ensures comfort during use, while features like multiple massage modes, foot-specific functions, and safety mechanisms, including an automatic shut-off timer, contribute to its effectiveness. Overall, it provides stress relief, muscle relaxation, and improved circulation, making it a beneficial tool for alleviating foot and back discomfort.
KD 19.900

Naipo Foot Massager With Heat

The Naipo Foot Massager with Heat is expertly crafted to deliver targeted relief and relaxation for fatigued and achy feet. This specialized massaging device combines the benefits of soothing heat therapy with diverse massage techniques, precisely designed to address and ease muscle tension and discomfort in the feet. Experience unparalleled comfort as you unwind and rejuvenate with this purpose-built foot massager.
KD 22.500

Naipo Lumbar Traction Back Massager

The Naipo Lumbar Traction Back Massager is a cutting-edge and efficient device crafted to offer relief to the lumbar and lower back region. Through a synergistic blend of traction and massage techniques, this device specifically targets and alleviates discomfort, muscle tension, and pain in the lower back area. Experience a new level of relief and comfort with this innovative lumbar massager.
KD 19.900

Naipo Acupressure Foot Massager - MGF-739

Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, 60 acupressure points on 4 unique massage nodes properly target sole acupuncture points with proper pressure and 2 selectable speed settings, helping to invigorate and stimulate fatigued feet. 2 revolving kneading massage nodes work wonders to relieve tense muscles; optional soothing heat penetrates deep into foot tissues to relieve stress and soreness.
KD 29.900

Naipo Cordless Handheld Wand Massager

The handheld massage wand, powered by a robust motor (8000rpm), produces penetrating vibration through deep tissues, assisting in the relief of muscle tension, fatigue, and soreness anywhere on the body. This massager is great for whole body relaxation and may be used on the neck, back, shoulder, waist, foot, and even joints. The flexibly bendable massage node with a 120° inclination is ergonomically intended for varied body curves and hard-to-reach massage areas, and the quality silicone material is skin and environment safe, pleasant to the touch, and easy to clean.
KD 13.250

Naipo OcuZen Cushion for Deep Kneading Massager

The NAIPO Massage Cushion delivers a profoundly relaxing massage by mimicking the movements of a shiatsu kneading massage, traveling along the contours of the neck, shoulders, and entire back. Its ergonomic design not only provides relief from spine pain but also offers lumbar support. Featuring a 3D dual-massage mechanism and height adjustment function, this cushion ensures personalized comfort for individuals of various heights. You can tailor your massage experience by adjusting the head pillow, allowing for a deep and comfortable massage, regardless of your height or the specific body part you wish to target.
KD 55.500

Naipo Home Spa Foot Massager -SFS-101

The Naipo Home Spa Foot Massager (Model: SFS-101) is a luxurious and rejuvenating foot massaging device designed to provide relaxation and relief to tired and sore feet. It offers a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home, promoting relaxation and alleviating muscle tension and discomfort.
KD 49.900

Naipo oPillow Plus Rechargeable Back Massager

The NAIPO oPillow Plus is a versatile and portable back massager, designed for convenience and relaxation. Rechargeable and wearable, this innovative device can be worn like a pillow, delivering soothing massages to your back and neck. Its portability allows you to enjoy a relaxing massage experience at any time and in any location.
KD 23.900

Naipo oCuddle Adjustable Shoulder Massager

The Naipo oCuddle Shoulder Massager with Adjustable Heat and Straps is a versatile and convenient massaging device designed to provide relaxation and relief to your shoulders and upper back. It is equipped with adjustable heat settings and straps to ensure a comfortable and customized massage experience.
KD 21.900

Naipo Shiatsu Massage Chair For Full Body Massage

The Naipo Shiatsu Massage Chair is a wonderful and all-encompassing full-body massaging chair that is designed to relax and relieve every part of your body. It provides an immersive and revitalizing massage experience that targets muscle tension while also promoting overall relaxation and well-being.
KD 750.000

Naipo 2-In-1 Luxury Foldable Foot & Calf Massager

This versatile machine functions not only as a foot massager but also as a foot and calf massager, featuring two intuitively activated touch panels for easy operation. It offers a combination of Shiatsu kneading rolling massage on the soles, air compression surrounding the feet, and the option to activate heel vibration and heating functions independently. When unfolded, the massager provides a simultaneous massage on both feet and calves, incorporating air compression on both sides and the back of the calves to effectively alleviate muscle stiffness and promote relaxation.
KD 99.900

Naipo Shiatsu Kneading Foot Massager

This multifunctional foot massager incorporates various features such as tapping, rolling, scraping, Shiatsu massage, kneading, air compression, and a soothing heating function (approximately 113°F). The rhythmic tapping on the soles sets this foot massager apart, providing an additional layer of relaxation. The interior stripes attached to the airbags are heated, delivering instant comfort that replicates the warmth of a real foot massage. These airbags also contribute to stabilizing the feet, ensuring a more uniform pressure and offering a professional foot massage experience that extends to cover the toes.
KD 52.500

Naipo Shiatsu Shoulder And Neck Massager

The Naipo Shiatsu Shoulder and Neck Massager is a versatile and portable massaging device designed to provide relaxation and relief to your shoulders and neck. Featuring a heating system that provides gentle warmth to alleviate tension, stress, and fatigue, this shiatsu shoulder massager is designed with convenience and safety in mind. With a 15-minute auto shut-off feature and overheat protection system, it ensures a secure and controlled massage experience. The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows for cordless operation after a full 3-hour charge, providing approximately 2.5 hours of usage. You can customize your massage by selecting the intensity level that best suits your preferences, and the massager applies acupressure with deep kneading for targeted relief. It's recommended to start with the lowest intensity and gradually increase as needed.
KD 19.900

Naipo Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion

The Naipo Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion is crafted to offer specialized support and comfort for the lower back, making it an excellent addition to chairs, car seats, or any sitting surface. Engineered to promote proper posture, this cushion helps alleviate discomfort associated with prolonged periods of sitting, providing ergonomic benefits for enhanced well-being.
KD 4.750

Naipo Shiatsu Neck & Back Pillow Massager

The 4 Deep-Kneading Shiatsu Massage Nodes in this pillow massager replicate the kneading and penetrating motions of a professional massage therapist's hands. Designed for versatile use in the car, office, and home, it delivers a perfect massage experience on various body areas, including the neck, lower and upper back, shoulders, lumbar, waist, legs, calves, and feet. The ergonomic W-design of the compact pillow ensures a perfect fit against neck and body contours for comprehensive relaxation.
KD 16.500

Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager

The Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager is a versatile and potent massaging device crafted to alleviate sore muscles and enhance relaxation. With its convenience and customizable features, it empowers users to precisely target specific areas of the body for a personalized massage experience.
KD 12.750

Naipo Cordless Handheld Percussion Massager

The Naipo Cordless Handheld Percussion Massager is a versatile and portable massaging device crafted to alleviate sore muscles, enhance relaxation, and promote overall well-being. With the added convenience of cordless operation, it allows users to experience soothing relief anywhere they need it.
KD 13.900