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Ducray Stimulating Tonifying Hair Gel - 30ml

Ducray Stimulating Tonifying Gel is a potent solution for revitalizing the scalp and improving the delivery of essential nutrients to strengthen the hair and reduce bald patches on the scalp. The key component in this gel is methyl nicotinate, which effectively widens blood vessels near the hair follicles, promoting increased blood flow to the targeted area. This improved blood circulation leads to a greater supply of oxygen and vital nutrients to the hair follicles, encouraging their growth, enhancing their strength, and making them more resistant to hair loss. Ducray Stimulating Tonifying Gel proves to be an effective treatment, particularly for addressing hair loss that results in specific areas of baldness on the scalp.
KD 10.410

Ducray Melascreen Depigmenting Intense Care - 30ml

This intensive treatment is rich in depigmenting actives, including azeleic acid and glycolic acid. When applied topically, it targets pigmentation problems with precision. The product is specifically designed to correct and reduce localized hyperpigmentation, effectively promoting more even and balanced skin tone.
KD 26.800

Ducray Melascreen Skin-Lightening Light Cream - 40ml

Ducray Melascreen Eclat Light Cream SPF15 is a gentle photoprotective cream that's well-suited for normal to combination skin types. This formula, packed with antioxidants and featuring a delicate fragrance, it is specially designed to even out and lighten the skin tone, particularly in cases of uneven pigmentation. Additionally, it serves as an ideal makeup primer, thanks to the inclusion of mattifying and absorbent powders that provide the skin with a velvety finish.
KD 25.800

Ducray Neoptide Women Anti-Hair Loss Lotion - 3x30ml

Ducray Neoptide Women Anti-Hair Loss Lotion is a specialized designed to address hair loss in women. This lotion is formulated to combat hair loss, promote hair growth, and improve overall hair density. It is a targeted solution for women experiencing hair thinning and loss, helping to restore and maintain healthier and thicker hair.
KD 28.860

Ducray Keracnyl PP+ Anti-Blemish Cream - 30ml

Ducray Keracnyl PP+ Anti-Blemish Cream is an advanced treatment formulated to target inflamed spots and reduce the appearance of blemish marks. This powerful cream provides soothing action, visibly diminishing redness and irritation while also preventing the formation of blemish-related marks. It's particularly effective in compensating for dryness and flakiness that can result from medical treatments.
KD 7.500