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Westinghouse Ionic Tourmaline Hair Dryer 2200W

The Westinghouse Ionic Tourmaline Hair Dryer 2200W is a high-performance hair dryer designed to provide fast and efficient drying while minimizing frizz and static. This hair dryer is equipped with advanced technologies and features to help you achieve salon-quality results at home.
KD 14.900

Westinghouse Hair Straightener

The Westinghouse Hair Straightener is a versatile hair styling tool designed for straightening and smoothing hair with ease. It offers an array of features and advanced technologies to help users achieve sleek and polished hairstyles.
KD 11.900

Westinghouse Blood Pressure UA Monitor

This device is designed to measure blood pressure and pulse rate of people for diagnosis. Precision components are used in the construction of this device.
KD 17.900

Westinghouse Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor

This Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor makes it easy for you to determine your results and know if it’s Normal or High/Hypertension. t is intended to measure the systolic and diastolic blood pressure of an adult individual by using a non-invasive technique, in which an inflatable cuff is wrapped around the wrist. 4895091398411
KD 13.900