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Intimate Care

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Beesline Whitening Intimate Wash

Beesline Whitening Intimate Wash 200ml is a natural daily wash designed for gentle cleansing of the skin while maintaining the delicate pH levels of the vaginal area. It effectively eliminates odor, helps lighten darkened skin, and keeps intimate areas moisturized and supple.
KD 5.780

Beesline Whitening Sensitive Zone Soap

A gentle and natural soothing soap that effectively disinfects and cleanses the skin, eliminating irritating bacteria and addressing discomfort. Its pH-regulating properties help eradicate odor and promote a balanced environment. Additionally, it works to lighten darkened skin and provides moisture for intimate areas.
KD 2.640

Beesline Sensitive Zone Whitening Deodorant - 150ml

A gentle and skin-friendly deodorant designed for intimate areas to effectively control odor-causing bacteria. It also helps in achieving even skin tone, absorbs excess moisture, and soothes sensitive skin in those delicate regions.
KD 5.720

Noregyn Intimate Cleansing Gel - 500ml

Noreva Noregyn Intimate Cleansing Gel offers gentle and effective hygiene for the intimate area. Formulated with mild surfactants, castor oil, and phospholipids, this cleansing gel is specially designed for sensitive mucous membranes. It contains lactic acid and maintains a pH level conducive to a balanced flora. Dermatologically tested, this cleansing care provides long-lasting hydration, reduces itching and discomfort, and soothes the skin. It delivers both comforting and fresh sensations while ensuring optimal protection for the intimate area. Suitable for the intimate hygiene of adults and adolescents.
KD 10.920